The trading of Persian carpets is an old tradition of the Zabeti Family and dates back to 1938 in Teheran. Ever since the three generations have always been involved in and greatly committed to rendering services to this pure art of Iran. 

Amir Zabeti was born in 1922 in Targh, a town near Kashan in south-west Iran. His mother was an enthusiastic carpet weaver and that's where his love for carpets began. As he was older, he helped his mother selling the carpets she made at home in the bazaar and so he started to get acquainted with the carpet trading. In 1938, he decided to move to Teheran and opened his own shop in the bazaar. He became a connoisseur in the identification of authenticity as well as the distribution of unique Persian carpets. During the first half of the 20th century he started exporting Persian carpets to Arab countries such as Lebanon. 


Amir Zabeti´s oldest son is Ali Zabeti. He became a great student of his father learning from him, expanding knowledge, gaining experience, following his vision and spiritual love for the authentic and original Persian carpet. In 1987 Ali Zabeti moved to Germany where he expanded the family trade, from where he started exporting directly to all European countries.


Ali's oldest son is Ahmad Zabeti. After his law and economic studies, he joined the company in 1999. By 2005, the company became one of the leading exporters of Persian carpets with clients in America, Brazil, South Africa and Japan. Ahmad's first travel to China was in 2006. He was fascinated by this great country and the old history. He discovered the beauty of this amazing country and his lovely residents. China becoming one of the strongest countries in the world, he decided to move to China in 2012 to expand the family trade. His goal is to present the most beautiful and unique Persian carpets in China and specially to share the beauty of this old Persian Art.